Dobro Strap - ML-D2.5L
Dobro Strap - ML-D2.5L

Dobro Strap - ML-D2.5L

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Lined 2 1/2" wide Dobro straps are are made from Top Grain Vegetable Tanned Cowhide and are hand cut to get the 48" Base.  Overall full extended length is 68".  Your choice of un-embossed or choose from several embossing designs: Wheat, Old Style Floral, Hand Tooled Floral, Scallop Border Design, Oak Leaves or Bluegrass Instrument.  Available in a variety of hand dyed colors: Black, Dk. Brown, Med. Brown, Light Brown, Burgundy and Tan. As with any hand dyed product, the actual color will vary from strap to strap, no two are alike.  Available in either Plain or Embossed. (Embossing is offered as an option at no extra charge). Available as lined or un-lined. Lined straps will be lined a deer tanned leather and stitched onto the belt. Names can be embossed into straps for an additional $5.00.  If you would like padding under the lining add additional $10.00.

*Note:  All embossed straps are hand dyed so actual colors will vary with the different grain patterns of the leather.

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