What are hazardous materials?
Hazardous Materials are items that have been deemed hazardous in shipping situations. These materials are classified according to the CFR 49 statutes published by the Department of Transportation in Washington D.C.

Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) Shipping Charges
Be aware, if you order hazardous materials, you may be required to pay an additional fee.

Will you ship hazardous material packages to international destinations?

Do you ship hazardous material packages to all US states and provinces?
No. Due to California's state regulation, we can not ship hazard material and other specified items to that state.

How does this affect me?
If you order an item that is classified as Hazardous material you may receive an accessorial charge from the company handling the freight or packages.

Who receives the extra charge?
The shipping company that imposes the charge receives the money. Zack White Leather Co. acts as the shipper and does not receive any of this charge.

Can I ship all of my hazmat items in one box?
We combine products as much as possible. Zack White Leather Co. does everything possible to limit the costs of shipping hazardous materials.


DOT Definition of Hazardous Material:
A hazardous material is defined as any substance or material could adversely affect the safety of the public, handlers or carriers during transportation. All DOT hazardous materials are listed in the DOT's Hazardous Material Table.

There are nine classes of hazardous materials:

Hazard Class 1: Explosives 1.1 mass explosion hazard
1.2 projectile hazard
1.3 minor blast/projectile/fire
1.4 minor blast
1.5 insensitive explosives
1.6 very insensitive explosives

Hazard Class 2: Compressed Gases
2.1 flammable gases
2.2 non-flammable compressed
2.3 poisonous

Hazard Class 3: Flammable Liquids
Flammable (flash point below 141°)
Combustible (flash point 141°-200°)

Hazard Class 4: Flammable Solids
4.1 flammable solids
4.2 spontaneously combustible
4.3 dangerous when wet

Hazard Class 5: Oxidizers and Organic Peroxides
5.1 Oxidizer
5.2 Organic Peroxide

Hazard Class 6: Toxic Materials
6.1 Material that is poisonous
6.2 Infectious Agents

Hazard Class 7: Radioactive Material
Radioactive I
Radioactive II
Radioactive III

Hazard Class 8: Corrosive Material
Destruction of the human skin
Corroded steel at a rate of 0.25 inches per year

Hazard Class 9: Miscellaneous
A material that presents a hazard during shipment but does not meet the definition of the other classes