Stohlman's Encyclopedias of Saddlemaking Vol. 1-3   B61940-05

Stohlman's Encyclopedias of Saddlemaking Vol. 1-3 B61940-05

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The Stohlman Encyclopedia of Saddle Making Vol. 1-3 is the most complete set of instructions on saddle making ever published! Begun in 1988, this is the last significant work completed by Al before his death in 1998.

Originally published in three volumes, this 708 page book shares the knowledge and insight of saddle making that Al Stohlman spent his life perfecting. The original 3 volume edition of this book received solely 5 Star reviews on Amazon.

Using hand drawn illustrations and photos throughout the book, Al makes it possible for the novice leather craftsman to tackle the ultimate leather project. If you ever plan to build a saddle, this is a resource you will want to have access to.

This massive book begins with the basics of saddle making, including tools needed, saddle parts and rigging, saddle trees and more, then covers in great detail with excellent instructions the construction of various saddles. It also features, again in detail, different horns, swells, cantles, skirts and rigging styles.

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