ZWL English Point End Punch #ZW198

ZWL English Point End Punch #ZW198

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Introducing the Zack White line of Strap End Cut Punches. 

These tools are used to cut the end of a belt for a classic "English Point."All of our ZWL tools have solid steel handles, welded to solid steel and have sharpened cutting ends. THESE ARE NOT CAST! Our tools are also finished with a powdered coat in order to maintain their longevity and to help prevent rust. 

Now exclusively from Zack White Leather Company, a line of English Point and Half Round End Cut Punches, ranging from 3/4" to 3" width. We also have new Oblong slot punches and a new Corner Round Punch.

For your safety, please use extreme caution when handling these end punches. if you are using one of these punches and one falls DO NOT attempt to catch it. This could result in a serious injury.

Never handle the dies with blade up.
Always hold the punch from the back side.
Always use a rawhide or poly mallet when striking the punch.
Never use a metal hammer as this will void the warranty.

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