Paddle Holster A-8
Paddle Holster A-8

Paddle Holster A-8

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The A-8 Paddle Holster was designed for those seeking an easier on/off outside the waistband holster.

– Can Be Worn In 3 Different Configurations: Straight Draw, Forward Cant, or 15o Reverse Cant

– Full Sweat Shield to Help Protect You from the Sharp Edges of the Gun As Well As Protecting Your Weapon from Body Oils and Sweat

– Reinforced Mouth for Easy Re-holstering

– Full Barrel Coverage That Conceals the Entire Barrel

– Can Be Worn With or Without A Belt, Which Is Ideal For Women That Do Not Wear Belts

– Easy On/Off Capability

– Gun Specific


**Not recommended for heavy weapons. The holster may want to lean forward. Check out a holster with 2 attachments to the belt for closer ride and better concealment.


***Keep in mind this is a plastic paddle not leather. The back of the paddle is super smooth and contours to the body well.

*Shipping can take up to 2 weeks for certain gun makes. Please keep this in mind when ordering. 

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