Q: Do you have a color chart for your dye colors?

A: You can view our standard online color chart by clicking here. Due to variances among color computer monitors the colors on your screen may not be the exact colors of our products. The colors you see should be considered close renditions to the actual colors available. You may request a color chart or swatches by postal mail if color matching is important to you prior to placing your order.

Q: What color will I get when I use the dye?

A: This depends on several factors, as all of our leather dyes are made of natural (un-dyed) leather. If you are dying natural oak tanned leather, then the actual color depends on how you apply the dye... how much dye you apply and how you apply it will affect the degree of color you get. Next, the type of finish you use over the dye will affect the color... also, you can enhance color by using colored atom balm wax (IE: ginger or brown will enhance brown, black will enhance black, maroon will enhance burgundy).

Q: How can I re-dye my upholstery?

A: We do not recommend re-dying upholstery. Upholstery had been colored at the factory in the finishing process of production. To be able to re-dye upholstery, the factory finish would have to be removed in order for the dye to take to the leather. The leather would then have to be sealed to prevent the dye from rubbing off... and the color is almost impossible to match. All things considered, trying to re-dye upholstery is very tricky. Arriving at a finished product that will not rub off on someone's clothes is hard to do. While many of our customers have successfully dyed their upholstery items, we highly do not recommend this. The chances of failure are simply too great. We know of no product on the market today that is suitable for consumers to re-dye upholstery items.

Q: Why is shipping so much?

A: In order to make sure we have enough to ship your items, shipping is initially higher than what it may actually be to ship. Whatever we do not use we WILL refund you your money however which way you paid.