Midas Swivel Knife Blades
Midas Swivel Knife Blades

Midas Swivel Knife Blades

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Midas Swivel Knife Blades

Get the right tool for the job at hand! These blades offer the craftsman a variety of blade choices to get the job done.

Midas Angle Blades
Versatile cutting blades for ease of carving delicate figures, allowing precise detail cuts.
#8014 … 1/4” Filigree Blade
#8018 … 1/4” Angle Blade

Midas Hollow Ground
For clean, decorative work that features bold, smooth cuts.
#8015 … 3/8” wide
#8019 … 1/4” wide

Midas Hair Blades
Made to simplify carving animal hair & textures or any of those intricate patterns.
#8020 … 1/4” Coarse

The 'Fine Hair' blade is discontinued.

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